WinRAR – A Phenomenal Compression Utility


WinRAR – A Phenomenal Compression Utility

WinRAR is a phenomenal compression tool that is the most popular application among consumers when it comes to zipping and unzipping programs. The RAR file’s graphic interface is portrayed in the Windows environment thanks to this prolific utility.

This unique application offers a high degree of compression. During the DOS days, WinRAR came with this versatile feature. According to experts, WinRAR promises a compression ratio that is 10% to 30% higher in contrast to that offered by its competitors. As a matter of fact, it offers alternative compression algorithms for multimedia files as well.

The application harnesses the power of its versatile multimedia compression algorithm to compress WAV, BMP and image files in an efficient manner. However, we can convert WAV, BMP files into MP3, JPG formats to save up on storage space. But WinRAR provides the most impeccable of alternatives when it comes undamaged file compression.

WinRAR offers brilliant file repairing options for damaged or broken data files. You can inevitably download corrupt or damaged RAR or ZIP files from the internet which would prevent them from being opened. You can easily repair such files by using the Repair option in WinRAR which offers a high restoration rate.

The application utilizes minimum amount of system resources while its multimedia compression is a feature that is not commonly found in most of the other compression tools out there.

Most of the savvy computer users are familiar with the compression and decompression capabilities of this excellent tool. As a matter of fact, WinRAR can also be used to find hidden files and Trojan horses in the archive files.

On the whole, WinRAR is a handy tool that offers seamless ease in file transmission. It enhances the speed at which you can send data to your intended recipient and accelerate the rate of compression or decompression to save up on space on the storage media.

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