Unzipping a File with WinRAR


Unzipping a File with WinRAR

More often than not, your colleagues at the office or your loyal customer needs to email you a large sized file. A commonly used technique to send large sized files is to compress them into a ZIP archive file. This approach makes the data files smaller enough in size so that they can be easily transmitted via email. WinRAR is a nifty zipping and unzipping tool that can compress and decompress large archive files so that they can be transmitted with ease and then viewed by the intended person.

1 – Click the desired file in the WinRAR menu and then click Open. Choose the ZIP file from the location where it is saved.

2 – Click the Extract To Button and determine the destination path for the unzipped file

3 – Click OK to grant your confirmation to the process. A dialog box will appear displaying the progress of the operation. The dialog box disappears as soon as the operation is completed.

You can also drag and drop the ZIP files from your desktop to the WinRAR main window or into the WinRAR icon to open them.

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