Unlocking Lost or Forgotten WinRAR Password


Unlocking Lost or Forgotten WinRAR Password

You would have encountered tons of files downloaded from the internet with the extension .rar. These are WinRAR files that are compatible with the WinRAR compression and decompression utility. This unique tool enables the users to create compressed archive files with it and protect them with a password to prevent the unintended recipients from opening them. There would be quite a few amongst you who would have ended up forgetting the password of their WinRAR files and hence are unable to open them.

As a matter of fact, this has happened to millions of people around the globe and you certainly are not the first one to have been hit by this catastrophe. However, it becomes quite complicated to extract a RAR file if you have somehow lost or forgotten the password.

As mentioned above, RAR files are not easy to extract if their passwords are lost. iSeePassword Password Recovery bundle is one of the most comprehensive password recovery tools available on the market that has the potential to unlock any RAR file with a lost or forgotten password ensuring that no data is lost. The Mask Attack is the ideal option to remove the password if you remember only a slightest information about the password such as its length, letters, numbers, suffix or prefix. If you have forgotten the password of a ZIP archive file, this bundle can assist you in unlocking a password protected ZIP file as well.

Here is a link to the trial version.

How to Recover a lost or forgotten WinRAR Password

1 – Install and run password recovery program

Firstly, download and install the RAR Password Recovery tool on your machine. After installation, run it and select the option Recover Password from File and Archive from the main window.

2 – Import the Password Protected RAR File

Select the password protected RAR file from its location on your storage media using the Explorer integration. You can only select and import a single RAR file at a time. Once you have selected the target file, select the recovery mode.

3 – Password Recovery Mode

The software offers the provision of four different kinds of attacks to recover the lost or forgotten password. The selection of the appropriate attack depends on the length of the password and the set of characters that comprise a password. Mask Attack is the way to go if you remember a little portion of the password, its length, alphabets, numbers etc. Click the drop down menu and select the recovery mode you want.

Keep in mind that all the four recovery modes have their own requirements such as the length, range, upper case, lower case or special characters in your password.

The brute force attack will make an attempt to try all the possible combinations with the specified length and range.

Mask attack works for those who remember a part of the forgotten or lost password.

4 – Recovering the password

The task will be initiated by clicking on the Start button. Based on the information that has been provided by the user, the recovery process will take its time. The speed of the process will be faster if you have provided large number of details. Once the password has been detected by the tool, simply click Copy to paste the original password in the desired location and open your RAR file.

What do you think folks? Is this a tool that is easy to use? This tool will help you recover your lost password in a very quick time if you remember the length or some part of the password.

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