Tutorial to Crack WinRAR Password Protected Files


Tutorial to Crack WinRAR Password Protected Files

It could be a real pain in the head if you somehow end up forgetting or losing your WinRAR password. So, in this post, we are going to share with you a simple method to cracking WinRAR password protected files.

WinRAR is a phenomenal tool that can compress your important data and protect it with a password to ensure its easy and safe transmission, storage and sharing. The RAR archive files assist a user to keep his or her data safe without taking up too much of your storage space. However, it becomes quite tricky if you forget or lose the password of your WinRAR password protected file.

The password needs to be recovered and then used to open the file if you want to crack the password of a WinRAR password protected file. You can employ several methods using the command prompt but they support only integers or other combinations of characters.

So, we are need of a genuine tool that can help us crack a WinRAR password. In this tutorial, we will be using a simple and lightweight password recovery tool to crack your WinRAR password.

.RAR Password Genuis is a handy tool that we will be using to crack the WinRAR password while the .ZIP Passwor Genius will be employed to crack the WinZIP Password.

WinRAR Password Genius is a compact sized yet very powerful password recovery tool that offers high speed and comes loaded with intricate password recovery algorithms. It is compatible with all the zipping software that can create .RAR files.

So, without much ado, let’s get to business:

1 – Download and install the password recovery tool

Download WinRAR Password Genius from this link and get in installed on your machine. The software takes only three main steps to recover your lost or forgotten WinRAR password.

2 – Import the desired file

Once installed on your computer, run the software and import the desired file into the WinRAR Password Genius. Click on the Open button and browse for the target file in your computer to get it imported in the encrypted file box.

3 – Select the mode of attack

The password is cracked by the software using a number of modes of attack such as Brute Force attack, Mask, Dictionary and Smart Attack. These modes of attack are used to guess different types of passwords based on the information provided by the user. Here is a detailed post on the different modes of attack which will help you decide which one to prefer.

4 – Initiate the process

Once you have selected the mode of attack from the drop down menu, select the attack type and start the password recovery procedure by clicking on the Start button.

5 – Copy the Recovered Password

The software will take its time to recover the lost or forgotten password. Once the password has been recovered, a dialog box will popup showing you the password. Copy the password for use in the target file.

6 – Paste the Password

Open the password protected RAR file and enter the recovered password in the space that asks for the password to be entered. The desired contents of the archive file will be displayed and you will be able to get them extracted.

The same procedure will work for cracking the password of WinZIP file using the WinZIP Password Genius.

If you think that this procedure worked well for you, then do not hesitate to share with us your experience by leaving a comment in the comments section below.

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