How to open, create and extract RAR files using WinRAR


How to open, create and extract RAR files using WinRAR

In this post, we will discussing the procedure involved in opening, creating and extracting RAR files with WinRAR. It is one of the most commonly used software for zipping and unzipping archive files. RAR files can be opened and extracted in other software but WinRAR is the only tool that will assist you in creating a RAR file. Here is the link to download WinRAR.

1 – Opening RAR Files

You can use tools other than WinRAR to open RAR files. Most of the tools are compatible with RAR files. However, in this post, we will let you in on how to open RAR files using WinRAR. To accomplish this, locate the target archive file, right click on it and click on Open in the popup context menu.

Once you have done this in the right way, the contents of the archive file should be visible to you in the WinRAR main window.

2 – Extracting RAR Files

Extracting RAR files with WinRAR is also a piece of cake. There are number of ways to extract a RAR file but we will be showing you the simplest way to do this. Right click on the desired file and click Extract Files in the popup context menu.

Choose the destination path of the output files if you want them to be placed in a location other than the original file.

3 – Creating RAR Files

Locate the file on your storage media that you want to archive in RAR format. You may select multiple files but more time will be required to create a large archive file in contrast to a smaller one. The time required to create an archive file depends on the system resources and the size of the archive file. Select the intended files and right click with all of them selected and click Add to Archive in the popup context menu.

The user will be directed to the WinRAR main window and a set of options will be displayed that allow a user to customize different aspects of the archive file. You will get accustomed to this process once you do it a couple of times. We suggest you to opt for the Compression Method. The time taken to create the archive file will be higher but it will churn out a file smaller in size.

You can choose from among Store, Fastest, Fast, Normal, Good, Best. We advise you to go for Best in order to get a compressed file. Ensure that you have selected the archive format as .RAR and do not forget to take a look at the archive filename.

You can also add a password to your archived file from the Advanced menu. Select “Set Password” and click the button.

You will be required to enter the password a couple of times. Ensure that you remember this password.


There are numerous password recovery tools that can crack the password using word-based dictionary modes of attack. However, if you go for a moderately complex password, we do not think that even the WinRAR developers will be able to recover one if you end up forgetting or losig one.

You can add several other features but we will not be discussing them in detail. You can add comments in the archive file using the Comments feature for future reference.

Now, go back to the main tab named as General and click OK.

Keep in mind that a larger archive file will take more time to be created. A smaller time will take much lesser amount of time.

The Bottom Line

You can open, create and extract RAR files using WinRAR in different operating systems such as Linux, FreeBSD or MacOS but for that you will have to employ the command line prompt. The application boasts a graphical user interface for Windows. It is light in weight, highly reliable and extremely powerful. Keep in mind that it is the only application that can assist you in creating an archive file in RAR format.

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