How to Decompress RAR Archive Files on Windows 7 and MacOS X


How to Decompress RAR Archive Files on Windows 7 and MacOS X

Have you ever encountered a file bearing the strange extension .rar and wondered what to do with it? RAR is an archive file format which is a compressed file similar to a ZIP file. In this post, we will be discussing the process that can be employed to extract RAR archive files in Windows 7 and MacOS X.

Opening a RAR archive file in Windows

There are tons of zipping and unzipping tools designed for Windows that can be employed to open RAR archive files. WinRAR is the default application that has been developed by the developers of the RAR archive file format but it is not available as a free tool. WinRAR is the best application when it comes to creating RAR archive files. Having said that, if you simply intend to unzip and open a RAR archive file, you can employ the free and open source 7-Zip application for this purpose.

Once you have downloaded the 7-Zip from the developer’s website and have it installed on your machine, you can get going without wasting any time. You can double click on any RAR archive file and have it opened for viewing or decompression in 7-Zip.

The files can be decompressed easily without having to even open 7-Zip. Right click on the desired RAR archive file, select the 7-Zip menu and choose the extract option while specifying the destination path of the unzipped file. Keep in mind that if you have a multivolume RAR archive file, you will have to extract the first volume in the cluster while the other files or parts will be managed by 7-Zip automatically.

There are other applications for Windows that can be used to extract RAR archive files, but we highly recommend 7Zip since it is an open source program, it is free of cost and you can bank on it for successful results.

Opening a RAR archive file in MacOS

When it comes to MacOS, there are limited options for extracting RAR archive files in contrast to those available in Windows. We highly recommend The Unarchiver which offers phenomenal support for decompressing multivolume RAR archive files. Once you have installed the tool successfully on your machine, you can open the application to associate the intended files with the program.

Once the files have been associated, you can decompress a RAR archive file by simply double clicking on it. A folder with the same name as the source file is created and the contents of the source file are placed in the destination folder. As described earlier, in case of a multivolume RAR archive file, the first part of the cluster has to be extracted at first. The additional files of the multiple volumes are managed by The Unarchiver automatically.

If you prefer to use some other software for extracting RAR archive files, do not forget to let us know by leaving your comments in the comments section below.

Happy extracting!

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