First Beta Released for WinRAR 4.20


First Beta Released for WinRAR 4.20

1 – Optimized Compression Algorithm

  1. The enhanced and optimized compression algorithm of the application ensures the utilization of several processor cores simultaneously. The single processor mode promises some speed while a multicore environment ensures optimum results. The enhancement in speed is reliant on the data type and average file size. Compression of large sized files requires efficient utilization of several cores.
  2. The memory requirements had to be enhanced to attain higher compression speed. General RAR compression algorithm designates about 120MB in contrast to 40MB in WinRAR 4.11.
  3. Several CPU cores cannot be utilized in an efficient manner by the RAR text compression algorithm. So, performance in multiprocessor environment is considerably lower than that for the conventional algorithm. Moreover, the decompression is lower as compared to that of the conventional algorithm irrespective of the CPU number. So, the default settings have been configured to disable the text algorithm. Similarly, if you are in need of optimum possible compression ratio for plain text data without being concerned about the speed, text compression can be enabled in the Advanced compression parameter dialog box. It can be accessed by pressing the Compression button on Advanced page of archiving dialog box to access it. This option can also be modified permanently in default compression profile. The text compression mode can be enabled in the command line prompt with –mct switch.
  4. Several processor cores are compatible with the fastest compressed mode that can be triggered with the –m1 switch. In WinRAR 4.11, a single processor core can be used only.

2 – Optimized Decompression Algorithm

The speed of the conventional decompression algorithm has been enhanced slightly though not to the same degree as that in the case of compression algorithm. The decompression is not able to utilize several processor cores so its performance is not reliant on the number of cores.

3 – Modifications in ZIP Compression

  1. Several processor cores are compatible with ZIP compression which results in higher performance in case of multicore processors. Single CPU ZIP compression has also been enhanced in comparison with WinRAR 4.11.
  2. The memory usage in the case of ZIP compression has been enhanced by 15MB

4 – Creation of Recovery Volumes

Several CPU can be employed in creation and processing of recovery volumes which results in higher speed. Generally, hard drive can restrict the speed in case of recovery volumes so this enhancement is significant while working with solid state disk drives.

5 – The permissible allowed <threads> value for –mt <threads> switch is 1 to 32 and not 0 to 16 as the previous versions.

6 – 7-Zip archives can be scoured through for data using the Find files command. No support was provided for .7z archive file format with respect to Find files format.

7 – No support is provided for Windows 2000 by WinRAR and WinRAR self-extracting executable modules.

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