Download Final Version of WinRAR 5.40 Here


Download Final Version of WinRAR 5.40 Here!

The latest version of WinRAR is loaded with tons of improvements with regard to usability and support and plenty of security and feature enhancements.

Here are the main features of WinRAR 5.40:

  • Name coding submenu: This Name Coding submenu in Options lets a user choose the encoding for the desired archive file names which can be handy while extracting zipped files without Unicode file names.
  • Usability improvements: Folders from the folder tree panel along with the archive icon in the tree panel can be dragged and dropped to other programs or Desktop for copying or decompressing purposes.
  • SFX Features: This feature allows for a longer main and license text in an SFX archive file due to an increased comment length from 64 to 256KB.
  • Recovery Record: The new version allows the recovery records to be placed in the same folder as the original file which assist in repairing broken or damaged files.
  • Synchronization feature: The latest updated allows the application to continue synchronization of archive contents even if some of the files are not readable and hence preserves archived files matching unreadable folders.

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